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The Old Vladimir

The Old Vladimir

“The Old Vladimir” museum exposition is in the building of red brick, erected near Kozlov Val. That building appeared in Vladimir in the XIX century, when the city began laying water pipe and was a necessity in a special structure that would serve as the catchment and water dispenser (it is interesting that even The Golden Gate was seen as such structure, that moment absolutely idle). This was the first case in Russia when the Museum was opened in the building of a water tower.

The Museum expositions represent a different view on the history of the city. Because history is not only a bloody battles and political intrigues, it is also the history of everyday life: the streets, home interiors of the citizens and their everyday apparel, Church shop, restaurant... To emphasize the flavor of the epoch, the interiors of the room in the house of a wealthy citizen, the Church shop, police station, restaurant with traditional samovar, painted trays and many bottles and decanters were recreated. Instead of explanatory texts - genuine extracts from books, newspapers, magazines of the late XIX-the beginning of the XX centuries. Routine, work, studying- all life of the Vladimir residents until The Revolution of 1917 is shown on the three floors of the Water tower.

Having finished learning about the museum expositions and going up the stairs on the 2-nd floor of the tower, you can get to the one of the best observation decks in the city.

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Open from 10.00 to 18.00 daily, except Mondays, Cleanup day-the last Wednesday of the month.

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