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St.Demetrius Cathedral

St.Demetrius Cathedral

St. Demetrius Cathedral is a unique monument of Vladimiro-Suzdalsky white stone architecture and pre-Mongol period plastics. The temple for the sake of Saint Dmitry Solunsky was constructed in the 1190th years by the prince Vsevolod Yuryevich The Big Nest, in a baptism Dmitry. "Put the church in his yard, in his name" - reports the chronicle. In 1197 the church was completed by staging of the icon of St. Dmitry.

The single-headed, four-pillars princely church is small, not too capacious. The temple is a subject of contemplation and worship. It is an image of the City of God, an icon in a stone. That's why the building is so harmonious and slender, it has majestic form and so eloquently carved decoration - more than 1,000 carved stones. The mighty body is crowned by the gilded head, the three-part altar is turned to the east. The wall is smooth from the sole to the belt as the lower tier was closed by the gallery and carved ladder towers connecting church to the princely palace. These ancient extensions were sorted in 1838, having considered as late ones.

In the middle the temple is captured by an elegant belt colonnade. The top tier is dressed by a carving as a precious cope. The relief of David stands in the middle zakomarah in all three fronts. All the creatures heavenly and earthly: angels, humans, animals, birds, trees, grass gether to his throne.

The reliefs of the white stone cathedrals which told a lot to their contemporaries, after only two or three centuries turned into unfathomable mystery that has been not solved yet. In this stone book only separate lines and words have been read, and the whole idea just comes through . The idea of the Heavenly Hail, the Garden of Eden, an ideal picture of the God's creation are guessed.

In the XV century Demetrius Cathedral lost it's value as a princely temple and from the middle of the XIX century, after the renovation of 1838-1847, it became a parish church. In 1883 it received the pneumatic heating and a small belfry (not preserved) was built on the south side.

In 1919 after closing it belonged to Vladimir Museum. During the last half of the century the building was repeatedly restored. The final stage of works was carried out in 1999-2004: a covering of a white stone and reliefs with protective plastic mix, the construction of drainpipes, replacement of the cross on the dome, creation of incide microclimate.

In 2005 an unusual exposition of the Vladimiro-Suzdalsky Museum-Preserve was opened in the Cathedral of St. Demetrius. It's main exhibit is the ancient building, it's remarkable architectural forms.

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