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The Museum «Borodin”s Smithy»

The Museum «Borodin”s Smithy»

\The smithy of the hereditary blacksmiths Borodins is located in the heart of the ancient city of Vladimir, is a center for the preservation of blacksmithing and folk traditions. The masters work according to ancient technologies, many of which are no longer used by anyone. The blacksmith shop of the Borodins remains active to this day, so it is more valuable for visitors. Here you can see a real fire, feel the heat from the hot metal, hold a real blacksmith's tool in your hands, learn how a modern forge differs from an old one. The Borodins ' workshop is not only a working blacksmith shop with an exhibition of old forged objects, but also a gallery of forged works of art. In the decorative panels, you can see the peace and quiet of the garden outside the window. In another work – an unexpected meeting of a cat with a rooster. Many candlesticks are made in a new technique-jewelry forging, developed by the blacksmiths Borodin. Each product is light, elegant and unique in its essence, as a part of the soul and the warmth of the master's hands are embedded in it.


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