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Museum «The Lights Of Vladimir»

Museum «The Lights Of Vladimir»


Visit the museum "Lights of Vladimir", which is located in the heart of the city. The museum's excursion programs are dedicated to the history of lighting the houses and streets of the city of Vladimir, and also reveal the nature of electricity and light.


During the tour, a splinter and lanterns are lit for you. The museum exhibits a variety of light sources: :


  • Oil and kerosene lanterns and lamps

  • Carriage and bicycle lights

  • Street Electric lights

  • Vintage table lamps and chandeliers

    • Interactive excursion program. Take part in master classes on writing with a goose pen and ink, painting candles, creating a Newtonian daisy. To play in the old, long-forgotten game. Take a photo on a bench against the background of the ancient city of Vladimir. Hold a children's party or graduation party.

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      Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str, 11


      8961-258-22-55; 8(4922) 222-55-3

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